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Prices - Rental

Why renting?

  • Cheaper if you practice winter sports rarely
  • Test first buy second, prevents from shopping mistakes
  • Don’t worry about sharp edges
  • Don’t take care about the surface
  • Test something new

Prices and information


( +1 extra = extra day after 7 days )

1 day
6 days
7 days
+1 extra

Carvingset incl. ski, boots, and poles

Carvingset "Gold"43,-179,-FREE22,-
Carvingset "Silber" from 130 cm37,-147,-FREE18,-
Carvingset "Youngster" up to 150 cm26,-102,-FREE13,-
Carvingset "Children" up to 120 cm19,-71,-FREE10,-
Carvingset "Mini" up to 90 cm16,-61,-FREE8,-

only Carving ski

Carvingski "Premium Gold"45,-205,-FREE25,-
Carvingski "Gold"37,-147,-FREE18,-
Carvingski "Silber" from 130 cm32,-129,-FREE15,-
Carvingski "Youngster" up to 150 cm20,-81,-FREE10,-
Carvingski "Children" up to 120 cm14,-57,-FREE7,-
Carvingski "Mini" up to 90 cm11,-49,-FREE6,-


Board and boot "Classic" from 140 cm37,-147,-FREE18,-
Board and boot "Kids" up to 135 cm26,-102,-FREE13,-
Board "Classic" from 140 cm32,-129,-FREE15,-
Board "Kids" up to 135 cm20,-81,-FREE10,-


Ski boots for adults16,-61,-FREE8,-
Ski boots for kids9,-39,-FREE4,-


Toboggan - Sled9,-39,-FREE4,-
Nordic cruising21,-88,-FREE11,-
Snow hiking boots16,-61,-FREE8,-
Ski polse7,-25,-FREE2,-

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Ski- und Snowboardschule
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